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Dr Jones lives in a basement apartment in London, W14. Whilst this is not a large dwelling to heat, Dr Jones was keen to keep his heating bills to a minimum. One of his main problems is that he is often away from home and some of this absence is impromptu and unplanned.

Dr Jones wanted to see just how well the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System would work in his home, so he installed a system in December a few years ago. Connected to the House & Home version of the system are passive infra-red detectors or PIR’s. These sensors detect body heat and are used by HeatingSave as occupancy sensors and can spot when Dr Jones is at home and when he is not. “I wanted to see just how well the HeatingSave system would work in my flat” he explained to the HeatingSave reporter.

He described how the HeatingSave system had made considerable savings off his heating bill and added, ”The PIR’s have made the greatest difference for me. Quite simply, HeatingSave automatically turns down the heating when I am not at home and turns it up on my return”. Dr Jones likes in general the automatic way in which HeatingSave House & Home works without him having to make any adjustments. “HeatingSave works well for me” concluded Dr Jones.

Dr Jones

London W14 9.

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