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Huntingdonshire Green Heart Environment Exhibition

Huntingdon Green Heart Environment

HeatingSave exhibited their Building Energy Management System (BEMS) at the Huntingdonshire Green Heart Environment Exhibition held in the Burgess Hall in St Ives, Cambridgeshire on Saturday 5th June 2010. The aim of the exhibition was to raise awareness of environmental technologies and products/services to local householders, businesses, public sector organisations and schools. By bringing these visitors, groups and exhibitors together Huntingdon District Council felt it would provide the opportunity to network and promote projects, products and services to a wide ranging audience.

Heidi Field, the council’s Environment Officer said: “Open to residents, businesses, community groups and schools in Huntingdonshire, this event will help publicise what has motivated the people of Huntingdonshire to take environmental action, what has been helpful to make their projects successful and what challenges they have faced and overcome along the way.”

HeatingSave demonstrated their BEMS that can make 30%+ fuel and energy savings. On display was the type of system that has been used by Bedfordshire Police in their police stations to dramatically reduce the amount of gas needed to heat the premises. The system that links to a PC in the headquarters via the Internet, shows graphs of savings made, kilowatt-hours used and CO2 produced.

HeatingSave’s Managing Director showed Heidi Field how easy it was to simply choose the room and hot water temperature you want, and when, and then leave HeatingSave does the rest; from day one giving comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. He pointed out that HeatingSave internal heat-loss algorithm works on most types of gas and oil fired boilers – especially old ones – and now solid fuel too.

Bedfordshire Police use inexpensive occupancy sensors and the heating diary to heat only when stations are occupied meaning there is no wasted fuel when nobody is there. Government approved to save fuel costs by the Carbon Trust, DEFRA and Energy Savings Trust, HeatingSave is a “must” for the public sector as they grapple with hard pressed budgets.

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