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A Solution for Insulation Problems in UK Homes

insulation problems

With most of the houses in the United Kingdom built before 1970, the country has some of the most energy-inefficient homes in Europe. To curb this issue, a cutting-edge British satellite with the purpose of mapping building heat signatures will launch into orbit. The goal is to draw attention to homes that use energy inefficiently and could use improved insulation.

The United Kingdom has set aside grant money to improve home insulation, but councils have a challenge identifying what areas best represent those in need of such funds. Data from the Satelite Vu heat signature project will provide city-wide information able to show the worst 20% of buildings very quickly.

Source: Satelite Vu_heat signature

Source: Satelite Vu_heating signature

Heatingsave solution to insulation problems for UK homes

If properties identified by the survey and satellite data can be retrofitted and made energy efficient, this would not only reduce the fuel cost for homes but will help the country’s climate objectives of becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

Heatingsave, a UK-based low-cost building energy management system, is the answer to energy inefficiencies in British homes and buildings. With satellite data, homes with high energy costs could make use of a range of Heatingsave products and expertise to bring down costs and identify areas of energy waste. The company uses energy efficiency equipment such as gas smart meters and energy monitoring equipment to reduce energy consumption across homes and businesses.

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Reducing energy waste in the UK, bringing down energy bills, and achieving climate change objectives are of optimal importance going forward. Working with Heatingsave brings homes, businesses, offices, and commercial buildings a step closer to those goals.

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