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Average gas to be over £1,000 a year

Centrica, the UK”s biggest supplier of domestic energy has said that they expect the average price of home gas bills to go up from an average last year of £600 per household to over £1,000 this year. They say that gas prices are linked to the price of oil and that is the reason for increases.

With oil last week dropping briefly to around $116 a barrel before rising to around $118 by the end of the week, most commentators expect the price of oil to rise significantly as winter approaches and demand for heating oil and gas for central heating systems increases.

The continuing high price of oil is likely also to affect the price of electricity, not least because of the policy in the 1990″s to build more gas powered electricity-generating stations. This has come back to bite as gas is no longer the “cheap fuel” it seemed to be at the time.

So, there is no time to loose in making your central heating system more efficient and reduce gas and reduce heating costs. Installing a HeatingSave system could costs only £ 382 +VAT if you install it yourself or have it installed by a friend who is an electrician or heating engineer.

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