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British Gas boss thinks consumers will change the way they use their energy

British Gas boss thinks consumers will change the way they uses their energy Centrica, the company that owns British Gas, the largest supplier of gas in the UK, thinks that people are going to change the way in which they use energy this winter.

Centrica“s managing director, Jake Ulrich, has said that “It”s is going to hit people hard” as he warned that energy prices will continue to rise for some time. He thinks that we will see people change their behavior and he believes people will use less energy as prices begin to hurt. He even warned that it might be necessary to use “two jumpers instead of one”.

Of course, people who have installed a HeatingSave system might not have to go these extremes, as they will be using their gas or oil central heating systems more efficiently. This will enable them to keep warm whilst able to cut gas bills. In some cases they might even pay less gas bills than they did last year if the old controls on their system were truly awful.

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