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British Gas raises gas prices by 35%

Owners of British Gas, Centrica, have posted profits of £5m a day but despite this raised gas prices by 35% on Wednesday. Age Concern has warned that many pensioners will be unable to pay their winter fuel bills.

As gas and oil production in the North Sea falls and the world wholesale prices continually rise, it will difficult for many hard-pressed consumers to save on their heating bills just by shopping around for the best supplier.

However, most central heating systems are very inefficient and do not save heat in the way in which they should. Fine to consider heat pumps and other forms of lower priced energy, but where most consumers should start is by replacing their boiler time clock with a HeatingSave controller. In almost all cases it”s the best way of how to save on heating and save heating costs generally. 15% to 30%+ save on heating bills are easily achievable and the PC software costs out just how much you save on home heating.

Fuel poverty is now a real concern with a committee of MPs warning recently that higher gas and electricity bills would have serious consequences for millions of households. However, there seems to be no Government help for those wishing to install heating controllers like HeatingSave but cannot afford the initial capital outlay of £382 + VAT, despite the fact that they are likely to save this in fuel costs within months.

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