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Controller more efficiently uses central heating system and slashes energy bills

The Energy Secretary says he is going to get tough on the big six energy companies. Talking to the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham, Chris Huhne also wants to help smaller companies get a share of the market. He said: “It is not fair that big energy companies can push their prices up for the vast majority of their consumers, who do not switch, while introducing cut-throat offers for new customers that stop small firms entering the market.”

Installing a HeatingSave central heating boiler management system is a better deal for consumers and can slash fuel bills by more than a quarter. The HeatingSave controller constantly reads the temperature from sensors connected to the flow and return pipe of your boiler, hot water tank and outside your home to learn about the heat loss profile of your house. This is constantly recalculated and refined each day so that HeatingSave can more efficiently use the way in which your central heating system is switched on and off.

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