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Controller switches on an immersion heater at last possible moment to save on electricity bills

An academic says rising energy bills are causing more fuel poverty deaths. Professor John Hills has called for a new definition of the issue, where people with low incomes are forced into poverty by high fuel bills. His report discovered that in 2004, fuel-poor households faced a shortfall of £256 to heat their homes and avoid poverty, but in 2009 the figure rose to £402. He warned energy bill increases could make the problem worse this year.

HeatingSave is an intelligent boiler and heating control system that saves up to 30% off bills, and can help fight fuel poverty. HeatingSave switches on the immersion heater at the latest possible moment to get the hot water to the right temperature at the right time – thus saving money on the electricity bill. HeatingSave also allows you to set the water temperature differently throughout the day. It is important to match the use and temperature requirement of hot water to the time of day as this can save energy lost through the cylinder.

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