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DECC confirms 1,800 Green Deal assessments lodged already

The Government’s Green Deal programe seems to be enjoying quite a good level of success, around 1,800 assessments being already lodged, and £26.9 million worth of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) deals being confirmed, a report indicates.

“We’re seeing clear signs of a promising new market gathering momentum. In little more than a month, there have been 1,803 Green Deal assessments and that shows genuine interest from consumers,” Energy Secretary Ed Davey, said. “Some householders in older properties, and those on benefits or low incomes may qualify for extra financial assistance from the new Energy Company Obligation, and this has also started really well with £26.9 million worth of contracts signed.”

Unfortunately, DECC‘s report doesn’t offer any type of information regarding the type of consumers that have decided to enroll in the program, and whether we’re talking mostly about businesses or home owners.

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