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Energy supplier E.ON slapped with £3m “financial settlement” by Ofgem

Energy firm E.ON has been slapped with a £3m fine after failing to comply with their reporting obligations under the government’s carbon emissions reduction target (Cert) programme, a news report in the media reveals.

The energy supplier was forced to cough up this sum after energy efficient lightbulbs that were supposed to have been given away free in the UK under a government initiative were found for sale in Ireland.

E.ON’s error was due to its failure to have in place adequate management systems to ensure accurate reporting of the distributed light bulbs but, since then, the company reportedly took action in order to ensure it met its overall CERT obligations by installing extra energy-saving measures to make up for the carbon savings shortfall associated with the light bulbs it wrongly claimed to have distributed.

What makes this decision even more interesting, though, is the fact that, instead of directing all the funds to the UK Treasury, Ofgem decided that £2.5m should go towards households hit by fuel poverty, while the actual fine is set to just 500,000 pounds. In real terms, 18,500 customers in – or at risk of – fuel poverty will get around £135 to help with their 2013/14 winter bills.

If you’re really starting to worry about the evolution of energy bills and the level to which energy suppliers actually manage to respect their legal obligations, then it’s about time to consider the implementation of a solution that will actually allow you to save up to 30%+ on the energy you’re using – HeatingSave.

The HeatingSave system employs dedicated hardware, high-sensitivity sensors and probes, as well as an advanced algorithm for computing heating loss in various zones. With the help of all of these components, HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System manages to completely automate the heating pattern around your home, offering the same level of comfort, while in the same time drastically reducing consumption.

Furthermore, our advanced software allows you to specifically monitor energy expenditure and calculate costings, which you can easily compare against the energy suppliers’ fuel bills.

Naturally, since the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System is approved by both the Energy Saving Trust, the Carbon Trust and selected by the BRE (Building Research Establishment) for the Greenhouse Project, which makes it fully compatible with the requirements of the Green Deal program.

If you’d like to find out more about the HeatingSave system, our dedicated product team will be able to answer all of your questions.

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