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Fuel bills vary depending on where you live

The increased cost in home heating recently as EDF Energy and British Gas put up their prices has not been equal across the UK, with some areas seeing bigger increases than others. Both companies claim that costs such as transportation have increased dramatically and in some cases now accounts for around 14% of the average central heating fuel bill. EDF was the first energy company to raise prices on 25th July 2008 when it increased average domestic customer gas prices by 22% and electricity by 17%. British Gas, Britain’s largest domestic energy supplier with almost 16 million customers, trumped this at the end of July with a 35% increase for gas and 9% for electricity.

Clearly, consumers and businesses alike need to improve the efficiency of their central heating systems to save money heating their premises. Installing a HeatingSave control system to replace your existing boiler time clock can save you up to 30% or more off your total fuel usage, which goes a long way to mitigating the staggering increases in energy prices.

The House and Home version costs just £ 382.13 + VAT and will pay for itself very quickly, especially if price continue to rise, which is likely this winter as demand goes up. As the economy shows down, how to save on heating costs for small businesses will be critical. This sector is the biggest winner of all if they install the Small Business version of HeatingSave. This is because many of them have a simple 24-hour time clock with the heating blazing away over the weekend and during holiday periods when there is nobody there. At £ 395 + VAT the payback could be as little as a few months.

There is no time to loose, order your HeatingSave system now as the other energy companies are expected to raise their prices shortly.

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