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HeatingSave can cut building carbon emissions by 30 per cent

The coalition is making energy plans that will reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels. Moves to boost investment in renewable energy and nuclear power stations were set out by the Government as it promised to reduce Britain’s dependency on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions. Chris Huhne, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, pledged the “lights are not going to go out on my watch” as he announced 32 measures to make the country less reliant on imported oil and gas.

Building Energy Management Systems like HeatingSave cut carbon emissions by up to 30 per cent by making your boiler and central heating more efficient. For instance, traditional time clocks set the heating to come on at a particular time. The majority on are a ’24 hour clock’ and cannot vary the times throughout the week, wasting fuel at weekends. With HeatingSave you can change a room temperature requirement over 1,000 times a day thanks to the clever controller – thus not wasting fuel when you do not need it, and cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

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