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Household energy bills set to rise by 240 pounds on account of green energy policies, claims NPOWER

NPOWER, one of the UK’s top 6 energy suppliers, has just issued a warning regarding the future hikes for household energy bills, blaming it all on the UK Government’s extensive subsidies for green energy.

As a news report on the matter reveals, the supplier claimed that its own profit margins were not to blame for rising bills, adding that consumers should be properly informed on the real costs of government investment in greener forms of energy production and energy efficiency programmes.

NPOWER’s parent company, RWE npower, also claimed that support for low-carbon technologies alone would add no less than £82 to the average energy bill by the end of the decade, up from £34 this year, and £12 in 2007.

Right now, the costs associated to green investments account for an average of 3% of the household energy bills, but this figure is set to rise to around 5.5% by the end of the decade. On the other hand, energy profits stayed constant, at around 5% of the bill, and will likely continue to do so until 2020.

The same media source as above also quotes a separate survey, which states that nearly 79 of respondents would like to see a reduction in fossil fuel use in the next few decades and a similar number (81%) would like to reduce their energy use.

The research, carried out on a sample segment of 2,441 people, also revealed that the large majority of people back renewable energy technologies, but in the same time, they are looking for an efficient, non-wasteful energy system that is affordable, fair, protects the environment and does not infringe on personal choices.

Given this trend, it’s perhaps the best time to start investing in a solution that will enable you to optimize the energy consumption levels across your household, saving you money and helping you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

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