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How customers can save on heating bills now that E.ON has raised prices

E.ON is the fourth energy company to announce a hike to its gas and electricity prices in the UK. Its electricity prices will rise by 11.4 per cent and gas costs will be up 18.1% from next month. E.ON has around five million customers but said almost 600,000 were unaffected by the rise, including its most vulnerable customers on WarmAssist tariffs. It has also guaranteed no more price increases for Age UK customers for at least a year.

Drive down fuel bills by up to one-third with HeatingSave’s energy controller which calculates the amount of fuel and electricity used each day to prove to you the saving it can make over your existing heating control system. The longer HeatingSave has been installed, the more it saves as the microprocessor continually refines its mathematical thermal algorithm of your property. HeatingSave’s PC software displays how much your heating is costing. For those with oil-fired systems it predicts how much oil is left in the tank.

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