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Intelligent boiler manager saves energy and money lost through the cylinder

The government has appeared to back-track from plans that energy firms will be impelled to give all customers the lowest tariff. However, a minister said the details had still to be worked out. John Hayes pledged to help consumers, adding the government would take “steps to ensure people get the best possible deal”. Activists Greenpeace said the government’s energy policy was now “as confusing as British Gas tariffs”.

The intelligent HeatingSaveenergy management system saves 20-30% off heating bills. One of the ways HeatingSave does this is by switching on the immersion heater at the latest possible moment to get the hot water to the right temperature at the right time. HeatingSave also allows you to set the water temperature differently throughout the day. It is important to match the use and temperature requirement of hot water to the time of day as this can save energy lost through the cylinder. In residential buildings for example; 62°c is right for baths in the morning, then 45°c during the day.

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