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Intelligent money saving boiler management system an alternative to turning off the heating

About 25 per cent of households are predicted to turn off their heating at some point next winter in order to save money on rising heating bills, says a price comparison website. Uswitch stated that in January a survey of nearly 1,600 of its customers had indicated that 20% of them had turned their heating off regularly in order to save money. Furthermore, the group predicts that with fuel tariffs expected to rise, the number will be higher this year.

HeatingSave House and Home is the ideal system to save on your home heating bills by up to 30%-plus. This is a microprocessor controlled intelligent central heating boiler management system that works with most types of boiler. The PC Windows Explorer style software enables you to have complete control over your central heating system by entering the heating patterns you require for any particular day. HeatingSave House & Home comes complete with a HeatingSave controller, four temperature probes, a room temperature sensor, HeatingSave Lite PC software and installation instructions.

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