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Keep domestic fuel bills down via computerised heating with fast payback

Winter is set to be a struggle for energy consumers as prices are going up. Of the ‘big six’ suppliers SSE have already put up their tariffs and British Gas is increasing the price of its standard dual fuel deal by six per cent tomorrow (Friday). Scottish Power, EDF and npower are all set to follow in their wake. Customers could save some money by using a price comparison website to compare deals and switch to a cheaper tariff.

This is only a short-term solution as those prices won’t be around for long: the best option is HeatingSave’s intelligent computerised energy management system. Your household can act now before the winter fuel bills hit the doormat. You will know how much your bill will be before it even arrives, while at the same time making savings of 20-30%-plus. HeatingSave’s self-learning system monitors and improves the efficiency of your heating system. A fast payback means £100s of savings will arrive over the coming years.

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