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Light level sensors help companies save big on their energy spend

A report says firms can use a ‘light bulb moment’ of inspiration to save on their energy spend. The report, entitled The Light Bulb Moment, explains that manufacturing firms across the UK could save £1.4 billion a year simply by installing more efficient lighting systems. Written by a company that specialises in new light fittings, it says industrial facilities can slash their lighting energy by switching to lower wattage, higher efficiency lamps.

HeatingSave can save companies money on their energy spend. Our versatile Building Energy Management System allows you to install our light level sensors and connect these into spare temperature sensor sockets on the existing HeatingSave system. Two types of light sensor are available, including outside light level sensors. These monitor when it gets dusk, dark, daybreak or daylight. They have in effect four trigger points that you can either set yourself at a particular point in time/light level or enter as a number at the keypad to approximate to a lux level.

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