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Monitor allows customers to visualise energy consumption and tackle fuel poverty

A council chief has led calls for zero VAT on energy bills. The leader of Cumbria County Council, Eddie Martin, claims more than a quarter of homes in Cumbria are now in fuel poverty, meaning they spend more than a tenth of income on fuel. Mr Martin has produced statistics showing that there are more than 61,161 households in Cumbria currently living in fuel poverty. This is a 130 per cent increase in the number of homes since 2005.

HeatingSave’s microprocessor controlled system lets homes or businesses typically cut at least a quarter off bills and lessen fuel poverty. Our Energy Monitor (product code T3518) lets you see in real-time how much electricity you are using to enable you to take immediate action and turn off equipment that has been unnecessarily left on. It also displays the cost of the energy you are consuming. The beauty of the T3518 is that it allows customers to visualise their own energy consumption.

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