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Nearly 50% of thermostat owners never program their devices, new study says

A new whitepaper released by Parks Associates revealed that nearly 50 percent of US households with a broadband Internet connection and a thermostat never actually programmed the device or, in fact, have done so only once, after it was initially installed.

Unfortunately, this sort of behaviour leads to consumers spending a lot more on energy bills than they should. However, with HeatingSave, you won’t really have to ever worry about the thermostat, while in the same time benefiting from huge savings, of up to a whopping 30 percent.

And that’s because HeatingSave automates and optimizes the heating process for your building, actually adjusting the boiler’s functionality depending on internal and external temperatures, occupancy, customizable heating patterns and much more.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to easily control your energy consumption levels from just about any Internet-enabled location around the world, not to mention your own smartphone.

The study mentioned above also revealed the fact that between 15-40% or respondents are interested in new home management capabilities and systems, but are unwilling to pay monthly service fees to obtain them. This is another pro for HeatingSave, since our solution is self-sufficient, not involving any additional payments after installation.

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