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No flights after volcanic ash cloud saves 1.3m tonnes of CO2

The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland has led to the grounding of 63,000 European flights over the past four days. The eruptions from Eyjafjallajokull has saved 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, more than the annual emissions of many developing countries.

Aviation is responsible for about 2 per cent of global emissions of CO2, but accounts for a much higher proportion of emissions in European nations, which have many frequent flyers. Aircraft are responsible for more than 6 per cent of Britain’s CO2 emissions.

The Aviation Environment Federation calculated that the CO2 saving over four days had been greater than the annual emissions of Malawi, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and about 50 other developing countries.

On the domestic level, households can save energy by switching to solar heating. Heating your hot water is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Your solar system can save as much as 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per year, depending on the fossil fuel displaced. HeatingSave’s glass evacuated tube solar panels work on the same principle as a glass vacuum flask and are a lot more efficient for the UK as its higher in the northern hemisphere. They are more effective than the standard flat water heater panels. – the best value for money panel in the UK.

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