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Ofgem reveals new official standards of conduct for energy suppliers

Ofgem, the official energy market regulator, has issued directions to suppliers to implement the rest of its reform package, meaning that, from this week on, very strict new standards of conduct will come into force, aiming to ensure the consumers’ fair treatment by energy suppliers.

The brand new standards of conduct drafted by the Ofgem cover all interactions household suppliers have with consumers, from when they are marketing energy deals to them, to making amends when customers make a complaint about any aspect of their energy supply.

Furthermore, the standards clearly point out that suppliers will have to carry out all these actions in an honest, transparent and professional manner. They must make sure that any information given to consumers is clear, easy to understand and written in jargon-free language.

It’s also important to point out that the new set of rules is enforceable via fines, and, as it’s proved time and time again over the past months, the regulator will not shy away from slapping energy suppliers with such penalties.

Andrew Wright, Ofgem’s Chief Executive, said: “Suppliers have already taken some steps to make the energy market simpler for customers and we welcome that, but our package of reforms means they must go further. The standards of conduct we have introduced require suppliers to go through a culture change in the way they treat consumers.

“They have to make sure they are embedding simplicity, clarity and fairness into all their dealings with consumers to tackle the lack of trust that has blighted the market. The standards of conduct will also enhance consumer protection as they are backed by Ofgem’s power to levy fines.”

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