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Oil customers suffering high bills can install computer based money saving system

Minister for energy Charles Hendry is urging the Office of Fair Trading to bring forward its review into the off-grid energy market. He said: “Underlying many of the complaints are concerns about the challenges of supplying oil and gas to rural communities and whether the current market structure provides the reassurance that consumers can get fuels for heating when needed at a price they can afford.” Many consumers during the winter complained of oil shortages.

In the UK, heating prices are bound to rise in the long term because of dwindling North Sea gas and oil supplies. However, installing HeatingSave will allow savings of up to 30 per cent because its state-of-the-art computer, which connects to a number of temperature sensors around your building and boiler set-up, measures the heat-loss profile of your building. It works on most types of oil fired boilers, even old ones. Hooking up HeatingSave to your PC means you can consult heating graphs on the software to see how much money you are saving.

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