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PC controlled zones provide better savings than outdated central heating time clocks

Energy enforcer Ofgem has come up with a new set of energy price rules. It has plans for simpler tariffs which come into force in the summer so that consumers will have an easier task in comparing contracts and shopping around. The reforms will make energy suppliers: issue clearer bills showing the cheapest tariffs; treat consumers more fairly or risk being fined by Ofgem; and offer a maximum of four core tariffs for each fuel type (electricity and gas).

There is no need to shop around: HeatingSavehas the best deal with 30 per cent savings typical on heating bills. The PC controlled system is so much better than outdated central heating time clock systems. Within HeatingSave each heating zone is managed independently; a heating zone is defined as an area within a building, a hot water cylinder(s) or even the whole building itself. The reason why time clocks cannot manage heating to this level is because they are dumb with no intelligence.

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