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Plan up to four years of fuel bill savings with heating holiday diary

Energy provider E.ON has announced it will be putting up prices next year – the last of the ‘big six’ companies to do so. The supplier told customers the hike will take effect from January 2013. E.ON gave its reasons behind the decision as: “Rising wholesale energy prices, the cost to maintain the electricity and gas networks and government environmental and social obligation schemes.” The company says it has made tariffs simpler and easier to compare.

Energy customers can do the merry-go-round of switching providers, but a better idea is permanent 20-30% fuel bill saving from HeatingSave. We have unveiled HeatSave: PC controlled wireless programmable thermostatic radiator valves. At the touch of a button, it allows you to turn down the heating in rooms that you’re not using. HeatSave also makes it possible to plan up to four years in advance for times when the heating will not be in use with the heating holiday diary. HeatSave is low cost and simple to install.

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