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Protect yourself against high oil prices and save money with a HeatingSave controller

World oil prices have recovered due to a number of factors. Some have cited the easing of European flight delays following the volcanic ash spewing from Iceland and the Goldman Sachs fraud saga. However, the main reason is the economic rebound of China. This is good news for oil exporters but bad news for under-fire UK users who use are suffering from a stagnant economy and a falling pound sterling. If you are a business or householder with an out-of-date central heating system you might well be reeling with the high cost of fuel. But by simply replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave controller, you can offset the problem of rising fuel costs.

The average oil price had fallen by about four dollars in the past week due to the factors mentioned above. But the price of an average barrel has already risen back up to the $85 mark.

More than 97% of central heating systems in the UK use a basic time clock, boiler and room thermostat to control the heating, which is a hopelessly inefficient way to stay warm. All based on technology that is 100 years old! A few years ago oil was $10 a barrel and gas was cheap. Now, oil is $85 a barrel and most economists’ thinks it’s only a matter of time before oil hits the dizzy heights reached in 2008 when oil was around $148 a barrel.

In most cases replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave controller will save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds off your heating bill; especially if you are a small to medium sized business. Payback varies from months to a few years. Incidentally, the payback is much better than the much heralded boiler scrappage scheme.

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