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Room temperature matching heating control saves money to compensate for rising gas prices

The nuclear crisis in Japan will force up UK gas prices and have a knock-on effect on energy bills, say experts. The Fukushima nuclear power plant was among 11 of Japan’s reactors to be shut down in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami disasters, increasing demand for liquefied natural gas. Adam Forsyth, analyst at Matrix Group, said: “If the price rises and is consistently at a high level then it has to come through to people’s gas bills eventually.”

Customers using gas can install a HeatingSave heating controller to save them £100s per year off their bills. HeatingSave continually refines its mathematical thermal algorithm of your property to keep saving you money. One of its features is Room Set Point Matching. Room temperature set points are matched by the ‘heat loss algorithm’ to automatically compensate for unusually warm or cold days in spring and autumn. It is important to match the outside temperature to the heating zone. HeatingSave does this by automatically varying the zone set point to the outside temperature.

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