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Room temperature sensor cuts heating bills while keeping a household warm

Gas prices have rocketed as the freezing weather has retained its icy grip across Europe. UK gas for next day delivery reached 93 pence per therm, which is the highest for more than six years. “Although UK demand is still well below the record set in 2010, the price increases have to be seen in the context of very high simultaneous demand across all of Europe and Russia,” commented Edward Cox of energy experts ICIS Heren.

Your household does not have to freeze – you are able to cut 20% to 30%-plus off home heating bills and still stay warm with HeatingSave’s efficient system. It works on most types of boilers using gas energy. The HeatingSave Room Temperature Sensor replaces where your existing room thermostat was located. It continuously measures the temperature in your home and feeds this to the HeatingSave controller. The room sensor cannot be fiddled with, so there is no danger that someone will turn up the heating and just forget about it.

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