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Royal Wedding watchers can improve boiler efficiency with temperature compensation control

National Grid, which supplies the nation’s power, estimated that the country used far less energy watching the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton than it did during Prince Charles’s marriage to Diana Spencer in 1981. The Grid said less energy is used than on a typical May bank holiday as the nation is sat by television sets, instead of more energy-intensive activities like turning on washing machines, toasters and kettles.

Energy efficiency in the home can be vastly improved by importing a HeatingSave microprocessor powered boiler and heating control system. The chances are that the controls on your existing boiler are manual, with you turning them up in cold weather and down in warm weather; but you have to remember to do this with fluctuating outside temperatures. In practice, nobody has time to alter the controls. HeatingSave automatically performs the function of turning the boiler up or down, and the process is called Outside Temperature Compensation. HeatingSave is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

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