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Ruggedised temperature probe ensures boiler runs efficiently to control energy costs

Protesters entered the headquarters of British Gas to demonstrate over fuel prices. The group occupied the building in Surrey for more than seven hours. The protesters said in a statement they had invaded British Gas as it was one of the “big six energy firms making profits out of rising energy bills”. A British Gas spokesman replied that the company had spent more than £500 million on helping vulnerable customers over the past three years.

HeatingSave’s clever computer powered central heating management system lets you efficiently control fuel and energy costs so that bills do not become a burden. Typical savings are 20% to 30%-plus and it is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Temperature probes are used for measuring temperatures on the boiler flow and return pipes and the outside air temperature. They are an alternative to the room temperature sensor. Housed in a stainless steel probe, these sensors are ruggedised and can also be used to measure the hot water cylinder temperature.

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