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Save on fuel bills with system which compensates for colder spring days

‘Big Six’ energy supplier SSE has been fined £1.25 million for misleading customers into thinking they would get a better energy deal. The company was given the penalty for the actions of its cold caller salesmen who claimed that they had data showing that households they visited paid too much with their current energy firm, and could save by switching to SSE. In fact, the salespeople had no information about what contract homeowners had arranged with their suppliers.

A sure way of gaining a brilliant energy deal is by switching to HeatingSave. The computerised boiler and central heating control system lets you see exactly where you are throwing money away. Total savings from your fuel bill can be up to one-third, and one of HeatingSave’s features is room set point matching. Room temperature set points are matched by the ‘heat loss algorithm’ to automatically compensate for unusually warm or unusually cold days (plenty of those in this cold spring spell) in spring and autumn.

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