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Self learning microprocessor saves on home heating bills by up to one third

Today (September 15, 2011) EDF Energy announced it will raise gas prices by 15.4% and electricity prices by 4.5% from November 10. The company stated that the annual cost of a standard dual-fuel bill paid for by direct debit would rise to £1,165 from £1,051. EDF is the last of the biggest six energy suppliers to announce price rises. EDF explained it had absorbed wholesale price rises for as long as possible before being forced to hike costs for customers.

Beat rising fuel utility prices with HeatingSave House and Home – the ideal system to save on your home heating bills. At the heart of HeatingSave House & Home is a self learning microprocessor management system that can reduce your heating bills by up to 30%-plus by using processes called Automatic Weather Compensation and Variable Thermal Response, normally only found in expensive building management systems. The system comes complete with: HeatingSave controller, four temperature probes, a room temperature sensor, HeatingSave Lite PC software and installation instructions.

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