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Shave fuel bills with controller that includes 1,000 heating diary entries

The Treasury is hindering UK green energy policy and creating the risk of higher household bills, say MPs. Originally, the government would guarantee the long-term contracts for developers investing in clean energy, low-carbon infrastructure. However, the Treasury has since ruled that the government will not be the guarantor. “This will result in higher borrowing costs, and make banks less likely to make loans,” said Tim Yeo, chairman of the energy and climate change select committee. “It makes no sense.”

HeatingSave is a comprehensive self-learning boiler and heating control system which can shave 25-30% off fuel bills. The data limits of each HeatingSave controller include: five boilers on a common flow, although this can be extended to 10; 1,000 heating diary entries; 50 PIR’s (passive infra red detectors); 25 pumps; 80 temperature or light level sensors; 25 heating zones; 10 immersion heaters; 10 air-conditioning units; and 30 intruder zones. Up to 64 HeatingSave controllers can be connected on the network with an infinite number of networks.

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