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Smart energy usage system predicts how much oil is left in the tank

Fears have been raised about fuel shortages in one English region. Workers on Monday (June 11) disrupted the supply of fuel heading to some petrol stations in the south-east of the country to protest against the closure of a refinery. Union spokespersons said they would aim to disrupt supplies of fuel from terminals in the region, including those in the London area, for a few hours every day and that the action would continue indefinitely.

Consumers concerned about fuel shortages should switch to HeatingSave’s computer powered boiler and heating control system. HeatingSave calculates the amount of fuel used each day to prove to you the saving it can make over your existing heating control system. HeatingSaveperforms all the functions of a ‘Smart Metering’ system, but goes one stage further as it controls the energy usage instead of just reporting it. For those using heating oil it estimates the litres used each day and predicts how much oil is left in the tank.

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