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Smart way to save on household costs is self learning central heating controller

The government has announced plans to install all 30 million homes in the UK with a smart meter within a decade. The process of the meters being fitted will start in 2014 and trials have shown that they can reduce bills by 5 to 10 per cent. These devices take electricity readings every half an hour, daily readings of your gas usage, and transmit all the data to your supplier.

There is a method for making even better savings, by up to one-third, on household heating bills: HeatingSave House & Home. It is a computer controlled intelligent self learning central heating boiler management system that constantly refines and calculates the most efficient use of the boiler, thus cutting energy and saving you money. By allowing you to see the savings you are making graphically on a PC screen, HeatingSave’s House and Home version is perfect for complete control of your home. The initial site survey costs only £99 which can be fully offset against any future purchases.

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