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Spring into reducing heating bills with system that automatically changes to summer mode

Renewable energy will play a “crucial part” in Britain’s energy future according to Chancellor George Osborne. In his annual Budget address he said he wants renewable energy at the lowest possible costs to energy bill payers. He stated: “I will always be alert to the costs we are asking families and businesses to bear. Environmentally sustainable has to be fiscally sustainable too.” Announcing a new gas strategy, Osborne said: “Gas is cheap [and] has much less carbon than coal.”

Environmentally sound and saving the pounds in your pocket – that is the green deal with HeatingSave House & Home. This is a self learning computerised management system that can reduce your heating bills by up to 30%. Spring is an ideal saving period as the warm days might not need so much heating. Each HeatingSave controller holds the start and end dates of the heating year, if applicable. The changeover between summer and winter is automatic, giving automatic changeover to immersions in summer if required. Equally the BST/GMT hour change is automatic too.

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