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Stop high fuel prices squeezing your household budget with intelligent central heating system

A survey by a price comparison website has found that one in five households believed their finances were at a ‘tipping point’ and rising fuel bills were the most important factor in squeezing their wallets. Moneysupermarket.com says that weekly outgoings for the average British adult have gone up by £54 over the past six months. It found fuel bill rises negated all the work being done by households to insulate their homes to increase energy efficiency.

To ‘insulate’ your household budget against price hikes from energy companies, add to your boiler and central heating system a HeatingSave controller. This is an intelligent building energy management tool which typically saves 20 to 30 per cent-plus from energy bills. Up to 64 HeatingSave controllers can be connected on the network with an infinite number of networks. HeatingSave can make considerable savings on immersion heaters during the warm weather. It reports boilers that fail to ignite, sensors that fail and other engineering faults and events to better manage the heating system.

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