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UK’s energy bills are some of the fastest rising in the world

Energy bills for British households have risen faster than in any of the developed countries, going up by 21% in just three years, a report by the House of Commons Library has recently revealed.

The research was carried out using figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and energy data collected by the EU and International Energy Agency.

Over the three years’ time frame targeted by this report, the UK’s gas prices have risen by 33.85 percent, a figure which is in line with the highest increases across the globe, while electricity prices jumped by 23.5 percent. Electricity prices have actually fallen in several countries, such as Norway and Hungary, over the same period.

The report also warned that, if the UK’s energy prices continue to rise at current levels, British homes could well end up paying some of the highest rates in Europe.

Nevertheless, running the boiler in the most efficient and effective possible manner will help households save 20 to 30%+ on their energy bills, and this is exactly where HeatingSave could put its extensive experience to very good use.

The system is very user-friendly and, depending on specific site conditions, can even help home owners achieve savings of up to 50%.

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