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October Check: Do you need a replacement boiler? Is it serviced?

The clocks are turning back in just a few weeks, and people all over the country are starting to think about their winter heating plans. For some, this might just be restarting the eternal “when is it cold enough to turn on the heating?” argument and hunting through the wardrobe for the winter jumpers.

Savvier home and business owners will be getting their boiler serviced. A broken boiler is an inconvenience all year round, but in sub-zero winter temperatures it can become an outright danger. It’s also good for your wallet to get problems spotted before they develop, since MoneySupermarket says that repairs can cost up to £300.

If you don’t need a replacement boiler yet, there are still things you should be aware of. For example, if you have a condensing boiler, it is a very good idea to insulate your exterior condensate pipe, since if that freezes, your boiler will stop working.

However, if you do need a replacement boiler then you need to consider the right type for your premises. If you have a mains supply of gas, then a gas boiler is the cheapest choice (other options include oil and electricity). According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you don’t have a gas supply then a possible alternative is a renewable form of heating such as biomass.

Here at HeatingSave, we offer a one-stop replacement boiler and efficiency service. We have created a network of contracted companies who are experts in installing plumbing, HVAC and all essential heating system elements. We take full responsibility for the installations, so that you can have the know-how of a small local business backed by the experience and clout of a larger public company (Tensor plc).

All our staff and products are accredited to ISO 9001 and Safe Contractor standards, along with many others.

Our contractors will replace your boilers with the best option for you, and our HeatingSave installers will replace current existing heating control system with our HeatingSave control system. This is an intelligent building energy management system which is capable of reducing your heating costs by more than 30%. It doesn’t just control and monitor your heating: it can be set up to monitor your electricity usage and your carbon monoxide levels, to name just a few options.

The main way that HeatingSave reduces costs is by using the revolutionary heating loss algorithm combined with your required patterns (e.g., “I want hot water in the mornings … I want the living room to be 20 degrees when I get home at 6pm”) to work out exactly when and where to start heating the house or business. We also install sensors to detect whether a room is occupied or not and adjust the temperate accordingly.

HeatingSave is appropriate for both commercial and residential settings, and can deal with anything from one room to several sites spread across the glove. The management software comes as an app as well as a desktop version, so you can monitor your energy whether you are a homeowner on holiday or a CEO in New Zealand who wants to check on the Puerto Rico factory.

With a HeatingSave system, when winter rolls around next year, or in ten years’ time when you start to worry about boiler replacement, you can look back on the gas consumption data we have monitored. You can see degradation in performance before it reaches a dangerous stage, and call your maintenance company to fix it well in advance. HeatingSave can also integrate with government-issued smart meters, thanks to the Consumer Access Device.

To entrust HeatingSave with your replacement boiler and heating monitoring service, please get in contact today on 01480 223923, or by using the web chat box to say hello.

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