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A BMS To Reduce Commercial Heating & Energy Bills

A BMS To Reduce Commercial Heating & Energy Bills

It has been confirmed for some time that heating and energy bills will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System is specifically designed to reduce commercial heating and energy costs by 20-to-30%+.

Energy experts have predicted a further increase in the Energy Price Cap in October 2022, with a review of the price cap now being 4 times per year rather than twice, which was originally the case. This means gas and energy prices are set to remain high and continue to increase throughout 2022, 2023 and even 2024.

The Energy Price Cap increase in April 2022 was, on average, 54% for most households and businesses in the UK. Unfortunately, the increase in October 2022 is set to be a similar figure, with energy experts expecting the increase to be higher than 50% again.

If your business is looking for ways to save money on its heating and energy bills, then HeatingSave has the solution for you. Our BMS is specifically designed for commercial use, keeping energy prices under control by better managing the way your building uses its energy. Here’s how:

BMS for Commercial Savings

HeatingSave’s BMS (Building Management System) can not only better manage a businesses energy consumption, but also significantly reduce commercial heating and energy bills.

Commonly used in village halls, office blocks, churches, schools and warehouses to name a few, our BMS is the perfect money and energy saving system during these times of crisis. Let’s take a look at some of our Energy Management System features, so you can learn exactly how it can save your business money.

Individual Room Heating Control

One of the most effective money-saving features of the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System is its ability to heat each individual room or area within a building separately. It ensures that the entire building is never heated as a whole, and only areas that are in use or occupied are heated.

To make this possible, our BMS has energy saving heating controls that allow users to be in complete control of their heating and energy consumption. These include:

TRVs & Temperature Sensors for Commercial Use

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) give users the ability to control the hot water flow to each individual radiator in your building. For example, if your temperature sensor senses that the room has fallen below the desired temperature set by yourself, or even risen above the desired temperature if it is a hot day, then a signal will be sent to your TRV to adjust the hot water flow to your radiator. All of this can be controlled by the HeatingSave Heating App, which is explained in further detail below.

Remote Control Heating App

As mentioned above, the HeatingSave Building Management System can be controlled completely by the Mobile Heating App. This means that, with a strong internet connection, users can control their heating from anywhere in the world. The Mobile Heating App is available on all smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Android PlayStore.

Room Booking System for Businesses

HeatingSave’s Energy Management System is extremely popular with businesses and organisations that rent rooms to customers, or use rooms sporadically throughout the day/week - such as village halls, churches, offices and more. The Room Booking System allows users to match their bookings with their heating diary. For example, should you know in advance that a room is going to be occupied, then you can ensure that the room or area is heated perfectly to reach the desired temperature for the event happening in that room.

Quick ROI & Smart Energy Program

With savings of around 20-to-30%, and sometimes higher, on heating and energy bills, the Return On Investment of HeatingSave’s BMS is often very fast. The ROI can be anywhere between 1 and 3 years, depending on factors such as how regularly the building is used and how much energy is consumed.

HeatingSave has also partnered with Don Hanson Charitable Foundation to be a part of their Smart Energy Program to help with the upfront cost of our Building Energy Management System. The Foundation is developing the program to help worthy causes make their heating more efficient, resulting in direct fuel bill savings for them.

To learn more about HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System, and discover how it can reduce commercial heating and energy bills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to help.

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