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Become Net Zero for Scotland Climate Week with the HeatingSave BMS

Scotland Climate Week

Scotland’s Climate Week focuses on climate change and creating awareness on how homes and businesses can reach Net Zero by 2045. Thankfully, with HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System, this can be made possible.

Scotland’s Climate Week is an annual event that originated in 2016 by Net Zero Nation. This year’s Climate Week is fast-approaching, and is due to take place on the week commencing 26th September 2022.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness for homes, businesses and other organisations on the global climate emergency that we see ourselves in. It’s aimed at reducing a company's carbon footprint, reducing the amount of energy consumption, and helping them on their way to reaching a Net Zero status by 2045.

Building Management System to Reach Net Zero

HeatingSave’s Building Management System is the perfect solution to the Government’s plea for businesses to become Net Zero by 2045. Our BMS can not only reduce a businesses carbon footprint and help them on their way to reaching the Net Zero goal by 2045, but it also puts users in complete control of the way their building is heated, drastically reducing heating and energy costs, by 20-to-30%+.

BMS features for reaching Net Zero

Our Building Management System features many energy saving technologies that ensure your building is better run, better managed and more environmentally friendly. These include:

Independent Radiator Control

HeatingSave’s BMS allows users to control each radiator individually. This is a fantastic energy-saving feature that means a single room can be heated only when required, instead of using unnecessary energy to heat the entire building.

Mobile Heating App

Having remote control of your heating can improve energy efficiency. For example, HeatingSave’s Mobile Heating App allows users to control their heating from home, or while on the move. Should your heating be left on, or you need to call an emergency meeting at work, you can simply use the app to ensure the temperature of a specific room is set at the desired temperature for the occasion.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

TRVs are particularly useful for maintaining comfort levels, while using the minimum amount of energy possible. In conjunction with a temperature sensor, a TRV guarantees that the amount of hot water flow to a radiator is kept to a minimum when heating a room to the desired temperature.

Integrated Room Booking System

Should your organisation be customer-facing, or rent rooms out for customers to use, then the HeatingSave Room Booking System is the perfect Energy Control System for you. It allows users to synchronise their bookings with their Heating Diary so rooms or areas of the building are only heated when they are occupied.

To learn more about how your business can become Net Zero using HeatingSave’s Building Management System, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you.

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