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Boiler Optimisers for Better Energy Management

Boiler Optimisers for Better Energy Management

What is a Boiler Optimiser?

A Boiler Optimiser gives you the ability to adapt and enhance your existing boiler systems to improve the efficiency, without excessively affecting or changing the temperature of your building.

Why do I need a Boiler Optimiser?

Energy saving heating controls are always a good idea, especially in today’s climate with energy prices constantly on the rise. Therefore, by increasing the efficiency of existing boiler systems with heating controls, you have a simple and cost-effective way to save your organisation and/or home energy and ultimately money.

How does the HeatingSave Boiler Optimiser work?

The HeatingSave boiler compensator is the perfect heating controller. Boiler compensators (optimisers) automatically turn on only when there is a requirement of heat and according to your needs, whereas standard boilers are on 24/7.

The following graph allows users to set the desired boiler set point:

Boiler Optimisers for Better Energy Management

Your desired temperature is varied depending on the outside temperature. When the outside temperature is warmer, the HeatingSave system will set a lower boiler set point and a higher boiler set point when the outside temperature is colder during winter and colder seasons.

Once the boiler reaches the desired temperature, HeatingSave’s Building Management System will turn off the boiler and then when the temperature of the boiler falls below the desired temperature, HeatingSave will then automatically turn on the boiler - ensuring your heating will be optimised while using the minimal amount of energy consumption possible. Below is an example of the HeatingSave boiler cycles:

Boiler Optimisers for Better Energy Management

For more information on Building Energy Management Systems and how HeatingSave can optimise your boiler to run more efficiently and help to reduce your energy bills, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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