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Combat Rising Energy Bills with HeatingSave’s Building Energy Monitoring System

Building Energy Monitoring System

With the prices of gas, heating, and energy projected to increase further in the next 12 months, there has never been a more appropriate time to invest in a Building Energy Monitoring System to reduce heating and energy costs.

Building Energy Monitoring System for reduced energy bills

Building Energy Monitoring can cause huge reductions to your monthly outgoings on heating and energy bills, regularly reducing users bills by 20-to-30%+. Having the ability to monitor your buildings energy consumption means you know exactly how much heating you are using in which areas and, more importantly, you will know exactly how much energy you are wasting.

The Projected Energy Price Increase

Building Energy Monitoring Systems (BEMS) are the helping hand that every household and business need during the gas price crisis, which is expected to be maintained and even continue to increase until spring of 2023. The below Gas Forward Curve demonstrates where we will see gas prices rise in the coming year.

Predicted Energy Prices

How do Building Energy Monitoring Systems work?

HeatingSave’s Building Energy Monitoring System gives users the ability to know the exact amount of energy usage and which areas are using the most and where energy is being wasted. This is possible thanks to our wide range of BEMS Heating Monitors and Remote Control Heating that allows you to control your heating from a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer.

With heating and energy bills set to continue to rise for the foreseeable future, the energy saving features of HeatingSave’s Building Energy Monitoring System are sure to play a vital role in reducing your buildings energy costs, whether that’s a private residency or a small, medium or large business with multiple sites. These key features are:

Remote Control Heating App

Having the ability to control your heating from anywhere is vital. You could be away from the house and suddenly remember that you haven't turned the heating off, or lowered the heating to the desired temperature. With HeatingSave, you can control the heating in each room independently with just a few touches of your mobile phone or clicks of your laptop/computer using our Mobile Heating App.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Installing our TRVs is a quick and simple process, and one that will have huge financial and environmental benefits. HeatingSave’s TRVs can be wired or wireless depending on our customers requirements, and control each radiator individually. A TRV is the perfect solution for a building with a large number of infrequently or sporadically used rooms.

Heat-loss Algorithm

Our BEMS Heat-loss algorithm essentially learns how much energy is required to heat the room/area to reach the specified temperature set by the user. It optimises the energy usage, applying heating later if the outside temperature is warmer, and earlier if the outside temperature is cold.

Room Booking System

The HeatingSave Room Booking System is a feature that can be so beneficial for businesses that have regular meetings at varied times throughout the week / month. Our Room Booking System aligns your heating with room bookings, therefore only heating a specific room when a meeting (or other similar event) is due to take place.

Automatic Occupancy Detection

Automatic Occupancy Detection does exactly what it says on the tin, only it's a little more than that. Each Occupancy Sensor is linked to your heating system, and can quickly bring the temperature of the room up to the desired temperature should movement be detected, and then once the room is no longer occupied, the Occupancy Sensors will automatically lower the room's temperature to save you money on your energy bills.

If you would like more information regarding our Building Energy Monitoring System, or any of its individual energy saving features, then please get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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