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HeatingSave and Tensor Make Their Ways to Austria through UBIT Inaugural Meeting


In an exciting turn of events, Tensor Plc and HeatingSave, leading British companies renowned for their innovative solutions, received a prestigious invitation to participate in the inaugural meeting organised by UBIT, a vital component of WKÖ (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich), the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Graz in September 2023. UBIT stands as one of the largest and most vibrant professional associations, focused on advocating for the interests of entrepreneurs in the realms of management consulting, information technology, and accounting sectors.

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Seizing the Opportunity: Showcasing Cutting-edge Solutions

At the UBIT new founders meeting, which gathered a multitude of emerging companies, Tensor and HeatingSave were given a platform to shine, introducing their groundbreaking systems to the industry. Guided by our Managing Director of HeatingSave DFG (Dienstleistungen für Gebäudemanagementsysteme) in Austria, Anton Lazar, we capitalised on this chance to present our top-tier access control and time & attendance system. Additionally, we highlighted HeatingSave's significant potential in reducing energy costs, underlining its crucial role in the market.

Anton, our representative at the meeting, elucidated the purpose, stating, "Our objective was to establish Tensor Plc, HeatingSave, and their products firmly within the Austrian business landscape. We sought the support of WKO to promote our offerings prominently on their website."

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A Gateway to New Opportunities: Expanding Networks and Market Presence

As proud members of UBIT, this meeting served as a catalyst, enabling us to broaden our network and explore myriad potential opportunities. Anton adeptly expanded his connections, introducing HeatingSave and Tensor to the Austrian market.

He emphasised, "Presenting the unparalleled benefits of HeatingSave and showcasing how we have helped companies across diverse sectors globally in reducing their energy expenditure made it evident that a solution like HeatingSave is yet to make its mark in Austria. We are entering the market at a pivotal moment."

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Despite the concise two-hour duration of the meeting, Anton found himself at the epicentre of attention, with representatives from diverse companies inundating him with inquiries about both Tensor and HeatingSave. In his closing statements, Anton stressed the significance of maintaining a robust market presence by ensuring our business is prominently featured on the WKO website, presented in the local language. This strategic approach not only facilitates effective communication with our target audience but also ensures that our offerings are easily understood by the local community. Anton expressed optimism about making both the HeatingSave and Tensor websites accessible in multiple languages soon, catering to a broader and more diverse audience.

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