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HeatingSave Partners with Smart Energy Program

HeatingSave Partners with Smart Energy Program

HeatingSave has partnered with The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation to be a part of their Smart Energy Program. The Foundation is developing the program to help worthy causes make their heating more efficient, resulting in direct fuel bill savings for them. Soft-loans will be provided to cover the cost of the required changes, and then recover this green investment through regular repayments made easier for them from savings to their fuel bills.

Once the Foundation has recovered the soft-loan the entire benefit of the improvements accrues forever to the good cause as well as benefiting the wider community.

HeatingSave Partners with Smart Energy Program

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation’s Chairman of Trustees, Andrew Fox, was full of praise for the company and the building energy management system when he recently spoke with a HeatingSave representative. “I think HeatingSave is very flexible to fit in with what the clients are looking for. They can handle very varied situations. The system itself has a lot of flexibility in it which allows you to tailor the solution to the real needs of the customer, which is really valuable. The building energy management system is also very user friendly, the system works”.

Mr. Fox added, “My understanding is that there have been a number of additional aspects of value to the system that weren't originally planned. It’s a big upgrade in their own [Northiam Village Hall] booking system which wasn’t something that the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation advertised to them as a value add/ a feature of the system and that’s because the building energy management system is flexible and therefore there are other things that can be added on once the relationship has been formed”.

Mr. Fox concluded by saying, “It’s been good and we look forward to working with HeatingSave a lot more in the future”.

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation's first project is with registered charity Northiam Village Hall, where an energy management system costing £4000 is forecast to save at least £1200 of electricity and gas cost per year. The Foundation funded £3000 of this, interest-free and repayable over five years. Read the HeatingSave case study to hear what the Treasurer of Northiam Village Hall had to say about our building energy management system.

Case Study

To learn more about The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation Smart Energy Program that HeatingSave are in partnership with, and to learn how your village hall, school or other similar organisation can benefit from a building energy management system, please visit their website or get in touch with a member of our sales team today.

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