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HeatingSave Supports Village Halls Week 2022

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Village Halls Week, taking place between Monday 24th January and Sunday 30th January 2022, is a national campaign, shining a spotlight on the contribution England's 10,000+ village halls make to rural communities. It is an opportunity for hall management committees to celebrate their work and get inspiration from others.

This is the fifth annual campaign that will challenge halls to do something different and innovate for the future.

Village halls do much to improve life for local residents, often providing the only local space where people gather, combating loneliness, and delivering a wide range of activities and services.

But in these precarious times, community buildings can play a leading role in shaping a better future. During the week, ACRE the charity will be encouraging halls to pledge to do something different – whether that be extending their offer to their community, reducing their impact on the environment or becoming more financially sustainable.

Village Halls Can Reduce Carbon Footprint & Save Money on Heating Bills

HeatingSave’s building energy management system (BEMS) has the ability to reduce a village hall's heating and energy bills by 20-to-30% and create a more environmentally friendly village hall society by reducing its carbon footprint.

Our BEMS has a wide range of unique and money-saving features that have the ability to reduce a village hall's running costs as well as its overall carbon footprint. These features include:

Our building energy management system features an advanced room booking system which allows village halls to only heat or cool areas when scheduled on the booking system. It gives an automatic calculation of heating times/temperatures to match bookings, meaning your village hall will always only be heated in accordance to the bookings, saving you money and creating a more environmentally friendly village hall. Not only this, but each booking can be specifically set to please the class or activity taking place.

The heating pattern and heating diary control allows village hall committee members to avoid heating or cooling areas when they are not used. For example, when the hall is not hired out or if a booking gets cancelled for any reason.

Our heat-Loss algorithm learns the heat-loss profile of each specific heating zone within your building to apply heating or cooling at the latest possible moment in time. This could be later if it’s warm outside and earlier if it’s cold. Ultimately, this means that your village hall will be heated for a shorter period of time, but will always be at the desired temperature when in use.

The building energy management system also has automatic occupancy detection. This moves the temperature to a background temperature when areas are not used and then quickly brings the room back to temperature once occupied again. Areas such as toilets, changing rooms and bars all massively benefit from automatic occupancy detection.

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some of our case studies, which can be found on our website via the button below.

If you would like further information on HeatingSave’s building energy management system, and to begin reducing your village hall’s heating bills today, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.

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