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How Blue Light Services Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

how blue light services can reduce carbon footprint

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) has the ability to drastically save money for emergency services across the country. Saving money on heating and energy bills can have a huge impact for our blue light services, allowing them to not only control the stations energy usage, but also spend money in areas which will allow them to fulfill their duties to the best possible standard.

Building energy management systems can have an incredibly positive impact on blue light service, saving 20-to-30%+ on heating and energy bills - which in turn, lowers an operation’s carbon footprint. Benefits of a system include heating control and monitoring, automatic occupancy detection, advanced room booking and access control. This article is designed to explain how a BEMS benefits police, fire and ambulance services in greater detail, ensuring all emergency services are in the best position possible when it comes to installing a BEMS.

Heating and energy bill reductions for emergency services

Police, fire and ambulance stations up and down the country can all benefit from reductions as big as 20-to-30%+ on their heating and energy bills all thanks to a building energy management system.

It is crucial for our blue light services to be able to save money where they can, giving them the opportunity to invest money into areas that enable them to perform to the best of their abilities, with the correct equipment and highly trained staff. HeatingSave’s BEMS makes this possible with the use of a heating diary control. This avoids heating and/or cooling areas of variable occupancy. For example, during quieter times (such as the early hours of the morning) or areas within the building that do not need heating 24/7 (such as hallways, toilets, and some office spaces). You are in complete control of the heating diary, giving you control over which areas are heated and at which time throughout the day.

Using a heat-loss algorithm, HeatingSave’s BEMS learns the heat-loss profile of each heating zone within each emergency service station to apply heating and/or cooling at the latest possible moment in time. This essentially means that during the warmer months, the BEMS will automatically turn the heating on later, closer to the set turn-on time, and will automatically heat the building earlier should the outside temperature be colder - ensuring the chosen temperature is met for the set time.

Automatic occupancy detection plays a key role in saving for blue light services across the country on their heating and energy bills. The occupancy detectors have the ability to lower the building temperature, or turn it off, when areas are not used and then quickly bring the building or certain area within the building back to temperature when they are occupied. All of this helps with lowering a buildings CO2 emissions, thereby being a perfect tool in the continuing struggle to tackle the climate emergency.

Security and access control for blue light services

Not only does a building energy management system have the ability to save police, fire and ambulance services huge amounts of money on heating energy bills, but it can also massively improve security measures to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Smart card door access control is integrated into HeatingSave’s BEMS. This enables employees to obtain smart cards which can gain them access into certain areas within the building, ensuring only authorised personnel are able to gain access. Smart card access control is essential for police, fire and ambulance services due to the high importance documents and sensitive information that is filed there.

HeatingSave’s smart card access control system can also be linked to it’s room booking system. The room booking system gives users an automatic calculation of heating times and temperatures to match the bookings on the system. This means that the BEMS will automatically get a specific room up to temperature for when a scheduled meeting takes place, optimising heating levels and maximising comfort levels.

Saving money and protecting lives: previous BEMS installations for blue light services

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If you would like further information on HeatingSave’s building energy management system, or if your blue light service would like to inquire for a quote for your station, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today.

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