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How Can a BMS Improve Community Centre Heating?

How Can a BMS Improve Community Centre Heating?

A Building Management System (BMS) has the ability to optimise the way a Community Centre heats its building, while reducing heating costs by 20-30%+.

The on-going energy crisis is causing great concern for many community-run organisations, leaving them with no choice but to look at ways to reduce running costs and energy bills.

Thankfully, HeatingSave has the answer to these concerns. Our Building Management System (BMS) can not only allow you to better, and more efficiently, run your community hall but also look at reduced utility bills to give you some extra cash when it’s needed most.

How can a BMS improve the way my Community Centre is heated?

As mentioned earlier, a Building Management System can optimise the way your community centre is heated by reducing wasted energy and only heating areas of the building when absolutely necessary.

The HeatingSave BMS can work on gas, oil, electric, and coal heating systems - so whatever existing heating system your community centre possesses, our BMS can be retrofitted for you. Oh, and did we mention our Building Management System will also help to reduce electricity bills as it can be used to better manage air conditioning units and lights too.

“It’s just modern – it brings the village hall into the 21st century in terms of energy management and management of the hall in general”.

- Peter Lee, Manager, Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall

How does the BMS work?

HeatingSave’s Building Management System is extremely easy-to-use and requires no knowledge on boilers or heating systems from customers. Below are some of the energy saving techniques used by our BMS, and the reasons why it can save you so much money on your heating and energy bills each month.

Room booking system

An effective Room Booking System is essential for organisations such as Community Centres, Villages Halls, and even Churches. The HeatingSave room booking system allows users to choose the temperature you want for each booking on the system. It also includes self-learning algorithms that calculate the most energy efficient heating profile to use the least amount of energy for future bookings.

Easy-to-follow graphics & data

We provide easy-to-understand real-time graphics and data that show users exactly how much energy they have used and are currently using. These graphics are easy-to-follow and allow users to see their energy consumption decline as it happens.

Smart boiler management

The HeatingSave BMS uses heat-loss algorithms to automatically adjust the boiler temperature flow to prevent unnecessary overheating. These heat-loss algorithms are Government approved on the Energy Technology List, and also approved by the Energy Savings Trust.

Individual room/radiator control

Community centres often have many rooms that vary in size and are used at different times throughout each day. With the HeatingSave BMS, users can be sure to only heat rooms/areas of the building when absolutely necessary, avoiding heating the entire building at all times and wasting energy.

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors detect if there are people in the building by sensing movement. Essentially, if there is no movement detected after some time, then our heating system will automatically turn down the heating in your Community Centre - saving you money as well as energy. As movement is detected again, the heating is automatically restored.

Discover more about HeatingSave’s Building Management System and learn how it can save your Community Centre 20-30%+ on heating and energy bills by getting in touch with a member of our team today!

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