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How To Cut Business Energy Bills

How To Cut Business Energy Bills

How can I reduce the energy costs of my business?

There are many small steps you can take to slightly reduce the energy consumption of your business, such as turning lights off, switching electrical appliances off when not in use and ensuring your workplace is appropriately insulated.

However, there is one major step that business owners must take if they want to see a major reduction in their energy prices during this energy crisis; install a Building Energy Management System.

What is a Building Management System (BMS)?

HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a unique Energy Management System designed specifically to reduce heating and energy costs for businesses and large homes.

How does a BMS work?

HeatingSave’s Building Management System is extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly.

Through the use of many smart energy features such as…

  • Mobile Heating App
  • Room Booking System
  • Wired/Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valves

…HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System will better manage the energy consumption of any building - ultimately giving users what everyone wants; cheaper energy bills.

It uses algorithms to learn the most energy efficient way to heat or cool a building, ensuring the least amount of energy is required yet still retaining perfect comfort conditions.

Not only this, but HeatingSave’s BMS also reduces electricity bills by controlling the lighting in your building.

Oh, and it works on a variety of existing heating systems such as gas, oil, electric and coal.

“The system itself is simple-to-use, technically advanced, effective and efficient.”

- Jon Brown, Volunteer, All Saints Church

For more information about HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System, and to learn more about how your business can reduce its energy bills, please get in touch with a member of the HeatingSave team today!

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