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What does BMS mean & How can it Benefit your Business?

Building Management System

The HeatingSave BMS, standing for Building Management System, has the ability to better manage your building’s energy consumption and typically reduce a businesses heating and energy bills by 20-to-30%+.

What does BMS mean?

BMS stands for Building Management System. A BMS is also commonly known as BEMS, standing for Building Energy Management System. Both are exactly the same Heating Control System that give users the ability to better manage their buildings heating, reduce energy consumption, and reduce its carbon footprint. Not to mention reducing heating and energy bills by 20-to-30%+.

Building Management System

How does a BMS work?

The HeatingSave Building Management System has a wide range of energy saving technologies that work together to reduce heating costs. Our BMS allows:

  • Each individual room in your building to be heated independently
  • TRVs to control hot water flow to individual radiators
  • Temperature sensors to optimise heating times
  • You to control your heating from anywhere with the Mobile Heating App
  • Synchronisation of heating with our Room Booking System
  • And much more!

How can a BMS Benefit a Business?

A Building Management System has many benefits for businesses up and down the UK, both from a financial point-of-view and from an energy-saving one.

Not only can the HeatingSave BMS provide all of the bullet-pointed, energy-saving features above while reducing heating costs by around a third, but it can also benefit your business environmentally. A BMS can go a long way to reducing the carbon footprint of a business, by minimising the amount of energy, gas, and electricity that a building uses - which also contributes to a business becoming Net Zero by 2030, as pledged by the UK Government.

The ability to control each radiator in your building independently is an unmatched energy and money-saving feature of a BMS. Made possible using our TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves), you can control the amount of hot water flow to each radiator depending on the outside temperature in order to meet the desired room temperature for a specific time in a day.

Our BMS also allows users to synchronise heating with bookings via the Room Booking System. This means, should a meeting be taking place in a room on a specific day, you can heat that room for the duration of the meeting only, rather than the entire day.

The entire BMS can be controlled by the HeatingSave Mobile Heating App. Remote Control Heating ensures that you can control your buildings heating whether you are at home or on the move. Our Remote Control Heating App can be downloaded and used on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team to discover how the HeatingSave Building Management System can benefit your business today!

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